Stymie Magazine: When Your Love For Literature Finds A New Twist

We simply love twists in tales, don’t we? The villain turns out to be the real hero, the masked predator is the Godfather, the innocent girl is the fraudster and the one who pretends to save the world turns out to be a much-wanted criminal. We love how stories begin and end on diverse notes. It is hard to find sports fiction that can keep you occupied without turning into a sports journal of sorts. However, when you chance upon a magazine that happens to be the perfect amalgamation of sports and literature, you can’t help but notice twice, can you?

Stymie Magazine brings together fiction, poetry, non-fiction and fiction contests to keep its audience engaged throughout the span of reading. While classic literature and stories that take time to analyze and understand do have their own place among readers, fast reads have quite the popularity because time is what people lack in today’s lifestyle. The fictional work that Stymie has to offer is easier to process, lighter and more relatable to people who are sports enthusiasts and would love to read magazines other than typical sports magazines that they are almost always found reading.
Feminism happens to be a quintessential part of Stymie. Stymie, as a magazine believes in the fact that feminism is a lot more than a concept. It is a way of life and that is precisely why it is thoughtfully explored in the fictional work that Stymie offers its audience. It is not every day that you would come across a work of art that incorporates sports and related activities in its frame without being all about the sportsman or the sport itself. Stymie presents stories that effortlessly brings interesting elements of sport to the realm of literature and makes it a fabulous read.

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